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FEDERATION of FILM SOCIETIES of INDIA – The primary objective of FFSI is to promote film as an art form – as against the popular perception of it being a vehicle of entertainment and inculcate a taste for good cinema among cineastes by greater exposure to quality World Cinema.
FFSI sources contemporary cinema from various sources including foreign missions, the National Film Archive of India, the National Film Development Corporation, and private distributors, and circulates the films to film societies across four regions.
Reaching out in a better manner to lay cinema lovers, FFSI has planned to organize film appreciation courses in regional languages. One such course in Marathi has already started in Pune by the Western Region.

Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy – For the overall development of Kannada Film Industry it is required to analyze its failures and successes. To nurture a healthy culture of cinema in the state, it is our duty to create a sensitive audience with an awareness of good cinema.
Towards this objective, KCA has organized workshops for the Training of Trainers called “Belli Mandala”(Film Society) and “Belli Sakshi”(Film Club) in Kaivara. “Belli Mandala” and “Belli Sakshi” are programs introduced to facilitate activities like organizing film festivals- local and international, developing social consciousness and the promotion of film related activities like workshops, film appreciation courses, discussions, etc. and to safeguard the interests of the stakeholders of the film industry.

ABAI – Assoication of Bangalore Animation Industry – The Association of Bangalore Animation Industry (ABAI), the premier association for Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics (AVGC), is a Bangalore – based non – profit association formed to regulate the Animation business activities in Bangalore and also in India. The aim is to contribute towards the development of the regional animation industry. The vision is to create a platform and bridge the gap between, production facilities and qualified manpower to promote Animation, Gaming and VFX professionals and production houses in Bangalore. The association will constantly encourage talent to enhance artistic and digital skills qualitatively.